JerkyXP GamerPack Overhaul

First off, everyone at JerkyXP wants to thank you for your support and for helping a small company grow. We set out to bring a great snack into the eSports scene and you have all welcomed us beyond what we could have imagined.

We have been analyzing the GamerPack responses from last weeks survey and have come up with a solution.

Upon reviewing all of the 150+ solutions on how to change the GamerPack we have noticed that a lot of you suggested focusing on the jerky and how great it is. We felt that it is unfair that we can't give $100+ items in all GamerPack orders. We want you to focus less on the surprise of the accessory and more on the surprise of the great tasting jerky. Which is what really drove us to build this company. By adding small prizes and large prizes with the obvious situation where larger prizes have a less chance of being in a GamerPack we feel that this is taking away from the awesomeness of the jerky. We sent out as many large prizes as our company could handle. Still it did not feel like enough and that was a feeling that everyone at JerkyXP had a hard time handling. We knew that as we grew it was going to be extremely hard to keep up with all the accessories. So our solution has come to this. For now the GamerPack is going to change to surprises between $1-$10 with literally any random prizes such as things like stickers, Nerf guns, laser pointers, $5 chipotle / subway cards and anything that is just fun. By doing so we get to add more value to each pack because instead of singling out one random person with an expensive surprise we get to spread it around more evenly. We will in return be doing more expensive giveaways via twitter for larger prizes such as headsets, controllers and jerky so you still have that chance of getting something big, because we know that is something you all love, and we would not want to take that from you. This will go live later this week.

This above variation of GamerPack will run continuously till we debut what we consider to be the greatest thing since sliced bread. This will be a subscription model. We will offer a weekly, monthly and multi-monthly subscription which enters your name into a random drawing at the end of each month. This makes it so that you don't have to worry about coming back to our site to reorder every time you want more jerky, it'll just be shipped to your house on the date of the subscription. Your first order of a subscription pack will enter you into a running for the monthly GamerPack. The GamerPack will have different prizes depending on how many orders are put in for each month. Think of this like the DOTA 2 international championship compendium and how the prize pool grows. That concept will be used in our monthly prize pool for the GamerPack. This means the prize pool can be extremely large with a winner selected each month. This wont be launched till everything is in place and tested but it will be awesome and provide a fun experience.   

It took us late nights and many different concepts to put together this solution that was derived from all of your suggestions. We hope that you all are as excited as we are with the solutions that we have come up with.

Tweet us and let us know what you think of this overhaul to the GamerPack and have a great Memorial Day! #JerkyTeam

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