Animal Abuse

By: Bray Curry


Animal abuse means when an animal is being hit, kidded by it's master, or attacked by another animal that the master is telling the other animal to do so.


*Animal abuse is often linked with human neglect, involving a child, elder or another human.

*There are 900 to 2,000 new cases every year of animal hoarding in the US, with 250,000 animal death victim.

*Every major circus that uses animals is not using the minimal standard care for the animals.

*Many animals are killed for fur from a fur farm.

* estimates range from 0.1% to 1% of the 10 billion land animals transported to slaughter each year die

How does Animal Abuse happen?What Causes it?

It happens when a person doesn't take care of the animal by making the animal starve, beat it, or make the dog end up killed or dying. The cause of it is when the owner or stranger  doesn't take care or had a terrible child hood and thinks he/she is taking care of their animal right. Sometimes it's the animal who causes it self to be like that. For example if the animal was adopted and it use to be in a house where it was hurt so it protects itself by letting no one come near it.  

What are symptoms/ signs of Animal Abuse?

* There are lots of signs of animal abuse and neglect, these are some of the symptoms of animal abuse.Beaten so bad that it shows, Starving that it shows it ribs, spine, and other bones, killed, Collar so tight that it has caused a neck wound, loss of hair. Has bugs and other insects on it. Has no food. Scares from where it has been abused. Living in bad conditions like the back yard with no house, inside a dirty home, in a box, trashcan, under a car, under a house, or even on the streets.

Who tries to help animals who suffer?What do they do to help?

Officer help by getting the animals out of the problem, arresting the owner of the animal. Officers get the animal to the animal shelter to get them better and healthy again. Animal doctors get them back to there normal self and make them like people again and get adopted to a new family. New adopters help by giving them a new life and knowing that its okay to trust people. Also neighbors tell the police or the ASPCA to take the animal away from the abuser and to give them specific details of what the animal looks like, the way it lives, and if it has any food.

Why is it Important for people to know about Animal  Abuse?

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