Futuristic Door Access Systems

In today's present and the not-so-distant future, security measures are enhanced in order to assure the owner that regardless of who or what tries to steal from them, they will fail at their attempts to do so.

New types of door systems are being innovated to prove it, apart for other security measures. From the many invented and in-use the ones mentioned below are the ones that are the ones used by most individuals.

“Biometric Time Attendance & Door Access System” is in Lehman’s terms a fingerprint scanner. Now the earlier models had their flaws which were basically not being able to read fingerprints of fingers that were dirty or oily, not being able to read fingerprints if the person is wearing a latex glove and on top of all this the screen is sensitive to a point where it would get damaged very easily. The earlier models faced issues such as these but newer models eliminate these complications, ensuring durability and reliability. These types of security measures can be used in almost any type of business, so the wide use point of view adds conveniences as well to the list.

Now, with this the “human error” factor disappears when it comes to manually entering when the worker arrived/left work, they scan themselves on the machine instead of a ledger or with a time-slip. Scanning into this machine eliminates time-theft done by workers by making “buddy time-punching” impossible. Reducing one's cost of production is a business's first priority.

Since this machine is hooked up to a central computer, one can access and overlook all their scanners from one position, making it more integrated, plus they could be viewed and controlled from a cloud server as well so one does not always have to present at the building to overview the scanner's details.

Now the age of PIN-code keypads are long gone, they are considered obsolete. Due to their inefficiencies which ranged from compromised security issues where the PIN code could be leaked or told by the one who knows them or finds out. Individuals who use PIN codes to enter the designated area would not be known as these type of security door access ways need only the code, nothing further not even identification. Proximity key cards share the same problems plus they are actually more ineffective because they can be obtained and used by the other person giving him access to all the key card can access him to. When it comes to door access systems finger print scanners are honestly, in my opinion, the surest way of obtaining almost flawless security.

Keeping an eye all around all the time, is remarkably important. Being paranoid, when it comes to safety, it can be justified; the well being of you and those you care about, is of high-priority. Many countries use CCTV at public places, to keep an eye on streets making sure no crime goes unseen, Singapore CCTV surveillance or Singapore CCTV is an example; they have an inter connected system of cameras all over major cities to view them 24/7 round the clock which will also expand more by 2014. It is mainly used for keeping the flow of traffic smooth and deter illegal parking but over the 30 locations they have been installed they also serve the purpose of keeping an eye on the areas for general security. The best example of how CCTV surveillance can be helpful is London's massive network of cameras that are immensely integrated to provide coverage of the entire city all day every day. A lot of security companies acknowledge this factor; this is why CCTV surveillance and biometric door access systems go hand in hand, as one serves the other like how our hands use our eyes and vice versa.