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Tattooed Celebrities and their Stories

Getting tattooed is painful, and that probably goes without saying. But those who brave the process of getting imprinted with personal statements or laced with memories most powerful for them don’t mind the pain as long as they leave the tattoo shop (or in some cases, a moving truck) with a personalized brand.

Whether it involved days and days of thinking or done on impulse, some celebrities do stand out with tattoos that are sure to make it into their biography. Check out these remarkable ink prints your favorite celebrities wear on their skin and learn the stories behind their bodily emblems.

Lil Wayne

Although trying to figure out how many tattoos he has is next to impossible, 30-year old star rapper Lil Wayne is quite proud of the anthology inked across his body. Among his most famous tattoos include “Fear of God” on his eyelids, the ultraviolet stars on his face, and the poem-like prayer scrawled on his back, opposite the scar he had from when he accidentally shot himself when he was 13.

David Beckham

Being one of the most talented soccer players, hottest celebrity icons, and most sought-after product endorsers are not the only things that make David Beckham enviable. Adding up to his charm among women and his other supporters are the testimony of his life and the people he loves tattooed all over his body.

His prints “Brooklyn”, “Romeo”, and the symbolic “Cruz” were done in celebration of the three times he became a father. Also in his arm is the Hindi translation, albeit misspelled, of her equally gorgeous wife Victoria Beckham’s name.

Pete Wentz

Aside from writing songs and rocking the bass guitar with his bandmates from the recently reunited Fall Out Boy, getting inked is another passion Pete Wentz busies himself with. He was reported to have roughly 30 tattoos, including designs inspired by keys and locks, hearts, and scrolls and letters.

Among the most controversial of these is the portrait of Cobra Starship frontman Gabe Saporta on his leg, etched with the words “Gabey Baby Made Me Go Bad". It marks the culmination of the two music icons’ months of prank war. According to Wentz, he promised that he'd let Saporta choose a tattoo for him if the song “Good Girls Go Bad” went platinum. When it did, the latter chose his self portrait.

Chris Brown

His popularity meter may have been fluctuating quite a lot throughout his career, but this doesn't stop Chris Brown’s tattoos from being noticed. Despite his mother’s protest, he had his first one, a picture of Jesus, when he was 13 . To make it up to her, he had her name, Joyce, tattooed on his left wrist. He also has an imprint of a huge cobra on his back symbolizing his birth year, 1989, which is a Year of the Snake on the Chinese zodiac.


MTV Jackass main guy Steve-O claims his tattoos are as “stupid as hell”, but nobody really cares as most people find them interesting and hilarious. Some of his witty tattoos include a child’s line drawing, “I Have A Small Weiner”, and an image of him holding his thumbs up.

Adam Levine

Being scantily-clad often gets musical heartthrob Adam Levine to show off his tattoo he revealed that the tattoo that means the most to him is the one right above his heart he revealed that the tattoo that means the most to him is the one right above his heart because it signifies his passion for yoga.

Rita Ora


While some may think that her tattoos were all chosen after a knee-jerk reaction, American rapper Kreayshawn, known for her hit single “Gucci, Gucci”, said that all of them actually have “deep meanings”. She got her first tattoo—an ice cream cone—when she was 15. This one on her neck, apparently, became the first of many, as she made tattooing her own form of therapy. She has also gotten herself inked with a Mickey Mouse Sandwich, Sailor Moon, and Goofy, which is dedicated to a deceased friend.

Travis Barker

He got himself all covered up with tattoos you probably won’t even notice whether Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker is clothed. A true rock star by heart, he revealed that the reason why he had himself tattooed all over (read: head to foot) was so that no one would hire him for any other job aside from being a musician. Pretty hardcore, right? He also said that his head tattoo was inspired by someone with his head fully tattooed, whom he saw when he was young. He thought that being inked like that, one could shave his head off or grow out his hair and no one would notice.

While his first tattoo (his nickname “Bones” with a Dag Nasty symbol right on top of it) got burned off in a plane crash a couple of years ago, he still has “Can I Say” on his chest and “Hope” on his back among many others to make up for it.

Randy Orton

You’re probably so used to seeing Randy Orton beat the living daylight out of his opponents in the WWE ring that finding out his sensitive side would be surprising. His sentiments are enveloped in his tattoos including the names of his wife, Samantha, and daughter, Alanna. And while he doesn't mind showing his tattoos in public, he doesn't just divulge the details behind the sappiest ones.

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