Olympic Class NACRA 17
Rio 2016

The Olympic NACRA 17 class sailboat is a high-performance multihull designed specifically to challenge elite sailors at the Olympic level to handle a difficult and unbridled powerhouse racing platform.

This class will make its Olympic debut at the Rio Games in 2016 and the worlds top athletes are quickly entering the field for a shot at Olympic Gold. In the USA, one team is highly unique and inspirational because of their performance but mainly because of their age. David Hein and Katie Flood AKA the Teen Sailing Team are both teenage high school students that are quickly climbing the ranks in the USA and will soon be making headlines the world round!

These young athletes are managing a demanding high school schedule while training full-time to become the nations next Olympians. Their stressful schedule is paying off, in 2014 the youth team of Hein/Flood will travel to 10 international regattas in 10 different countries on 3 continents in just under 9 months time. And this is just the beginning of their Olympic journey!

You can see their development on their Website at www.followUStoRIO.com

With the team's aggressive training and competition schedule aimed at earning a top ranking in the world standings; David and Katie need to keep their equipment in top competitive condition at all times. As the result, the need has arisen for the teens to add a second boat to their campaign. This boat will help them logistically sail a tight international racing schedule on multiple continents while giving these teens the opportunity to train and compete while a boat is in transit overseas.

The NACRA 17 offers the opportunity for sponsor specific branding, providing worldwide exposure at highly competitive venues to both athletes and spectators that represent a high net-worth and extremely active demographic. But more importantly, helping the Teen Sailing Team from the USA gives you the knowledge and satisfaction of helping these young and dedicated athletes to achieve worldwide victory in their campaign for Olympic Gold. These youth athletes are remarkable!

A NACRA 17 with all the rigging, sails and covers costs $30,000. The Teen Sailing Team is offering branding exposure on the hulls and sails to an organization that will fund the purchase of a new boat, and these inspirational youth have much more to offer as well. At the ages of 16 and 17, David and Katie have taken on the world in an effort to earn the top ranking.

These teenagers have the drive, determination and desire to make it all the way. Three qualities that can make anyone in the business world highly successful and these athletes will come talk with your team or at a corporate event to inspire each member of your team to reach within and find the personal motivation and ambition to go beyond traditional views of success and create your own aggressive definition of victory in the workplace. This is an exclusive offer to the organization that provides the Teen Sailing Team with the funding to purchase their boat!

David and Katie are highschool athletes from the USA that are working hard to become the top sailors in the world as they aim to represent the USA at the Rio Olympics in 2016. They will travel with their Olympic level coach to compete in events in 10 countries on 3 continents between January and September 2014. Your support of their equipment and their campaign related expenses (travel and coaching) means more than you can imagine and will help these amazing teen athletes to show their generation that there is nothing that hard work and dedication can't earn them in this world!

Please give today, or call David Hein directly at 216-210-3598 for details on how you can help them through the Non-Profit organization of the Miami Youth Sailing Foundation in a tax-deductible manner. You can learn more about these ambitious teenagers at their Website.