Go To Mesopotamia!!!!!

Come to Mesopotamia today! There are places to go to such as Sumer, the Akkadian empire, the Babylonian empire, the Assyrian empire, and Chaldean empire. they are all great places to go to. They all have advantages that you should know and learn, such as the hanging gardens, there war technique, and there irrigation systems. what are you waiting for, go!And I will  see you there!!!

the location

Mesopotamia is located between the Tigris and Euphrates river. it is near the Zagros mountains, and the Persian Gulf.Mesopotamia is also near Elam. Do you want to know a fun fact, in the future, Mesopotamia will be called Iraq.


There are so many advantages to Mesopotamia! like for instance, if you go to Neo-Babylonia,you will find the mystical Hanging Gardens. The hanging gardens were made 75 feet tall. And they didn't really, hang. Scientists found that the "hanging" gardens plants draped over the sides of terraces on a brick structure. they also have irrigation systems, for instance, since the Akkadians were the first to be built as an empire, they were the first empire to have the irrigation systems. they had to take care of it, they had to make sure that it did not clog, they to do all of that. But it was for a good cause.You will also find the Hammurabi's code. there are over 200 of them. Be careful, because there are a lot of death penalties.

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