Sports Day

October 25, 2013

Important Information

1. There will be referee training on October 22 after school in the auditorium. The list of referees will be sent out later today.

2. We will have a parade this year but not as long. We would like the 5th graders to walk in hand in hand with the ET K2 and 1st grade students.

3. They would like grades 2 – 4 to have a SHORT 30 seconds of a chant, cheer, song etc.

4. If you want your music for your cheer, chant, song, give Grace an MP3 file by October 21.

5. We will have a parade rehearsal October 23 during 5th and 6th period.

6. Snacks will be placed in the lobby after 10:30 and to be picked up at the end of Sports Day.

7. Water will be provided and placed by the river.

8. Events sign up will happen in the near future. A list will be sent to you with instructions.

9. Maps with the events and schedules will be sent to you at a future date.

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