Steven Callaghan-7D-Digital Photography and Editing.

This Is my second Online Portfolio

This is my photo of a rock that is Unedited.

This is my Edited Picture of the rock i added a skull, a blue border,fireworks and a orange road.I like this photo cause it has alot of blue it pretty cool.

This is my Unedited photo of a leaf it still looks fancy.

I added an old plane,nuke,cash,2 borders and some fireworks.

This is a close up of a tree with orange things full of white stuff.

I changed the color two green and added some stickers. then i added a  neon overlay.

This is a photo of a tree sideways with alot of bark on it.

This is my edited version i added 3 borders and some stickers. also changed the colour to blue a bit.

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