Over the winter break I had went to Orlando, Florida! It was such a wonderful experience. It's so different from Vegas! It is very humid out there, it wasn't so comfortable . I was so use to the dryness of Vegas. But anyways I had went to Universal Studios ,Disney's Hollywood Studios , Animal Kindgdom ,and Disney World of course. It was so much fun with all the rides and new people I met. Even though the lines were ridiculously long! My favoirte place was Unviersal Studios. It was so much fun! And I had seen the parade with Spongebob and Dora. It was cute! I usually do't go on rides but I had went on every ride there! Want to know the best part of ? It rained like cats and dogs out there! Something I can't always see in Vgeas. It was just a blast! It was different from the old California trips I take all the time! Florida will be a trip i'll never forget.

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