The American Dream
& the 1950's...

In Unit 6 we discussed the Cold War, the 1950's and the idea of the American Dream. Yesterday you were able to take a quick survey that talked about YOUR American Dream.

I have always wanted to be a History teacher! I had one AMAZING United States History teacher when I was a Junior in High School. She inspired me, included creative lessons and always pushed the class to do their very best. It was at that moment I realized that I wanted to dedicate my life to helping the youth with understanding 'History'. My American Dream is a place where my students get 'excited' to go to their history class because they know that they will learn something that will help them in life!

                              What was life like in the 1950's? See for yourself!

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3 years ago

The 1950's was the beginning part of the idea of the 'American Dream'. We learned about popular culture, songs and shows of the era. Compare the music and show to what we have today! (It is a lot different, right?!)