Oil Research By: Ethan Parks

Spindletop oil gusher in 1901

In 1899, Anthony Lucas leased land at Spindletop. After drilling 575 feet, his equipment collasped. But he did not give up. After receiving financial help, he went at it again with better equipment and, on January 10th, 1901, Anthony Lucas had found the largest oil reserve the world had ever seen. This sparked a new age in Texas, and a new wold of opportunities.

Other Oil Booms

Spindleop wasn't the only great place of oil in Texas. In 1894, Corsicana was tapped into and a reserve was found, making it the starting point of the oil industry in Texas. In 1901, because it was so close to Spindeltop, Beaumont Became a boomtown due to oil. Houston also experienced some growth due to the fact that oil companies wanted to be closer to the railroad industry.

Everyday Products Made From Oil

Social Changes Due To Oil

Many social changes occurred due to oil. People embraced the rich lifestyle and the oil industry. Automobiles and paved roads also increased e to the increased oil used to fuel the cars. Texas became a richer and overall better state almost overnight.

Oil Effects on Education

UT and Texas A&M, along with other universities, Benefited greatly from the oil boom. Many land grants were set near the universities for oil drilling. When oil was found at the land, the universities received some of the income. These payments are still being received today.

Spindletop Today

Spindletop gusher reenactment

Today, Texas is a rich state with an abundance of cultures. We embrace the oil hunter dreams and opportunities. Weather our family came here for the promise of land or the chance of finding oil, we're glad we did. Texas is still full of automobiles (I should know,my great grandfather invented NASCAR) and big cities like  Houston and Dallas. That fateful day in 1901 has changed Texas for the better

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