Mobile Applications

To use in the Classroom

'Magisto' is an app for Iphones that can used to create Videos that are share-able. To create a video all you have to do is pick your videos, your style, and your music. Its extremely user friendly and can be integrated in the classroom. I could use this app to create fun cosmetology videos to share with the students. Videos of them progressing through the class and of the memories of the fun projects they worked on. I could also have the students use the program and create their own videos throughout the semester of the modules that we do. Videos such as; step by step of how to shampoo, how to do certain haircuts, makeup applications, manicures and pedicures. These videos could be accessible at any time to refresh their memories of the proper steps.

'EasyBib' is an applications that can be used on any device as a citation assistant. This could be used in the classroom by my students for research projects. In order to proper cite their sources, this page could become very useful to ensure proper accuracy for copyright laws.

'' is app that can be used for Iphone and Android.It also has a thesaurus option as well. This app is a very important for any and all students in secondary education. It can enhance their comprehension and vocabulary skills as well assist for ESL students. The program can work offline and integrates a voice option where you can speak the word and the dictionary/thesaurus pops up, or you can press a button to have the word(s) spoken.

'Evernote' is a note management system that allows you to capture, manage and remember all of your experiences. It allows you to capture and find emails, handwritten and styped memos, information from web sites and documents. The key to this app is to help keep everything in one place and neatly organized. I could utilize this app in my classroom, by having students take snap shots of our board notes, diagrams and pictures of tasks completed. This can allow the students to have a visual reminder of units that were covered.  

'Showbie' is an app specific to Ipad. It is a secure student/teacher app that allows assignments and quizzes to be accessed and submitted easily. As the teacher, I would create my 'class', where I would have my students join through an access code. On this page I could add assignments, quizzes, photos, and voice notes. Currently the program is finding a way to allow the teacher to mark-up the assignments/quizzes with feedback, which would make the app even more appealing.

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