Road to success
By: Jake Gordon

Football had a significant effect on my life. Before I played football I had a very introverted personality. I preferred to stay inside and read or watch television. When I started playing football I started to connect with other kids my own age, and made friendships that last to this day.

This uncanny assortment of colors, is done through CT scanning after being laid in a wax called parrafin. This whole process is called including the diagnosis after the the scan in called immunohistochemistry. My dad specialized in the sales of the equipment in his days as a salesman. When I was younger I follow him and around and was fascinated by the whole process.

This guy right here was a majority of my childhood. Harry Potter is the reason My 11 birthday was the worst because Hagrid did not take me to Hogwarts to become a wizard. I think J.K Rowling implemented a sense of wonder in me that I will never forget.

For the majority of my life my mom stayed at home and dealt with the mayhem from my sister and myself. She worked so hard to make sure our homework was done, and that our rooms were clean. She did some much for us, and at such a young age we never appreciated it. Now I know what she had to go through, and really appreciate what she did. I learned that even though it may not be apparent people may be helping you more than you think.

For the fall of 2015 I will be attending Plymouth State University. This is one of the most exciting experiences of my life. I worked through high school for four long years to get to college, and now I get to go receive a college education.

My plan for the future in to get a job, not very specific of what job, but my dream is to be involved in some form of economic analytics. If not that some form of sales, purely to travel the world and create an everlasting network.

Someday I hope to live in the upperclass. I want to get there through hard work and perserverance. Hopefully I would do this by starting my own company, but I have not decided what I would like my venture to be.

One of my goals for the future is after becoming financially stable. I hope to start a family. I want a three person family, with one son or daughter. I do not think I would be able to handle more than one kid. Last I do not want to spoil my kids, I want them to be ready for life, without my help.

Lastly the image above is decieving, I want to be the crazy old grandpa. I want to be able to continue to do random things, and not let my old age get to me.

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