Mobile Learning

Caroline Tribble

Mobile Apps

1) Twitter - This application is only for kids over the age of 13. That being said, it's a great social media platform that allows students to collaborate with each other or other people all around the globe. You can easily find topics of your choice to discuss or you can create your own hashtah to initiate a discussion. Students can use this application on any type of mobile device both in and outside the classroom.

2) Audiobo - This application works on Andriod devices and also works with IOS software. With Audioboo students are able to record audio. This application is ideal if you'd like to have your students simulate a radio or news show.

3) Comic Head Android - A simply application which allows students to create their own comic! Easy to use, maybe appropriate for junior high grades, but has lots of features to play with!

4) Word Press - Word Press is an application that offers users a space to blog on. An application such as Word Press is ideal for having students, perhaps junior high or high school, learn to manage their own virtual space. Also nicely records and demonstrates a student's progression. Like my previous mobile learning applications, Word Press is also available on any type of device.

5) Mobl21 - This application has many fun features to explore, all relevant to education! Students are able to make flashcards, study guides, etc. The quick and easy tools allow students to use this application at any time and any place!

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