The Power of Music

Music has been around for decades, and has been used to convey all types of information. From protesting to romance.

I think one example of this would be the uprising of RAP music in the late 80's through the 90's to convey black rights and protest. I think that RAP has been sort of a symbol for the 2000's for the way music moves people and makes people more aware.

I think another example of powerful music was more technology based "alternative", with new uprising artist like Glass Animals and Alt-j, or even Minnesotan based Stand4rd (Spooky Black, Bobby Raps, Psymun and tiiiiiiiiip). I think this new technology based music shows what younger artists like Centrals own Corbin Smidzik (spooky black) can do with today's technology. It shows the usefulness of the younger generation, and destroys the idea of the not useful generation.

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3 years ago

Great ideas about how music moves us politically and socially, Sam. Thank you for including specific artists and promoting our own Central student! How does music affect you?