museum exhibits: Handy Man

Handy Man is from the group called the homo habilis . he was discovered by the husband and wife team of Louis and Mary. Handy Man is taller then Lucy's group and smarter then Lucy's group

Handy Man's group had the ability to make tool and live better and no longer then Lucy's group. Crushing tool may have helped crush animal bones.

Scientists have discovered the remains of the handy man in Africa. The bones of more then one handy man were found together.

this group features are slightly more human like the brain is twice the size then Lucy's brain. Handy Man lived a little closer to our time then Lucy did, about 1.5 to 2 million years Lucy,this group combined ape and human features. They also walked on two feet. but they were taller then lucy.

this is africa were the handy man lived

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