The Olympics

By Keeyun Keum

The Olympic games started in 776 B.C in Olympia, Greece. The Olympic games were started to bring honor for the city state and to the gods. To participate in the Olympics, men had to be good athletes and had to get trained by Paidotribes, Paidotribes was a very similar job to coaches these days. Unlike the Olympics now just Greeks were allowed to participate in the Olympics. To participate, athletes had to be Greek by birth and they could not be a slave or a foreigner. Another reason the Greeks started Olympics was because athletes made good soldiers. Milo was an athlete with legendary strength and won Olympic games from 536 B.C to 520 B.C Milo was a general when he was not winning Olympic events. He died while testing his own strength and he was one of the first athletes to appear in ancient writing. Finally, winners of the Olympic Games were honored and respected and rewarded with olive crowns and cash.

Unlike the Olympics where only men were allowed to participate, Heraea was a popular sport event for women. The rules of Heraea and the Olympics were very similar. The winner of the Heraea was not respected and honored as much as the Olympics. The winner of the Heraea got an olive crown. While the women participated for Heraea, ladies watched the Olympics, because they thought it was a good place to meat a husband.

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