Alejandra's Favorite movie

I'm 14 and my favorite movie has always been ''Tim Burton's The Nightmare before Christmas'' since I was 7 years old, that was my very first time watching it. Since that day I have been obsessed with Tim Burton films. My room is full of The Nightmare before Christmas. Jack Skellington  is my favorite character along with Sally.


My favorite part of The Nightmare before Christmas is when Jack tries to figure out what Christmas means and why they don't have it in the town of Halloween.

''This is Halloween'' is my favorite song from the movie because, it introduces all the characters that are going to come out in the movie. They all take part in singing the song, it shows everything that Halloween is about and what everyone is afraid of in halloween

Some information about Tim Burton and his films.

I have visited San Francisco twice its one of my favorie places to go to. The Nightmare befroe Christmas was made in San Francisco it took a few years for it to be made into a movie. It first started out as a poem in July 1981 in San Francisco and then in 1993 the movie came out all over the United States.

This is one of my favorite quotes. I see my self working in the adoption agency I know we as people can't see the future but it is my goal and i do belive that i can accomplish it. So I can relate to this quote in my own way, this is why it's one of my favorites.

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