My view of the Civil War

Day 1


My name is Emily Parker and I'm 18 years old and it is 1865. I live on the Union side in Cincinnati, Ohio. I have a little girl named Amanda who is 3 and my husband Daniel who is 19 is stationed in Ohio so I still get to see him everyday. In the morning at 5:45 a.m. I get woken up as Amanda's crying fills the house because she rolled out of the bed and hit her head against the wooden floors. So I walked over to her room and calmed her down before she could wake up Daniel and some of the slaves we were helping out. After she was calmed down I took her downstairs and I made some pancakes and eggs for us to eat. About two hours later Daniel came into the kitchen and I gave him breakfast and I asked him "When will you be coming back from the war". He said "Hopefully soon". I then noticed that I haven't fed the former slaves yet ,so I went out to the barn and I gave them some pancakes and eggs. I told them that we would help them get away to the next place today ,because my husband was leaving for the army tomorrow. When I went back inside I started stitching up my husbands uniform so that way he could look nice and all classy for the war. Once I was done with that I decided that I was going to bake some cookies so my husband could bring some with him before he left for the war and give some the the other war members. Once it was the afternoon it was time for lunch and I decided that I would ask my husband what he would like since it was his last night here. He said he wanted to go out somewhere that had good steak. So when we all left the house we went to Johnny's Steakhouse where they had the most fresh and the best steak in the area. After we left we decided to go for a family swim in the pond at our house before it was time help the slaves escape to the next house at dark. When we went back inside it was dark out so I put Amanda to sleep and me and Daniel snuck out to the barn to help out the slaves. We ran for about 5 and a half miles to the next house which is where the slaves were kept and on the way back we heard some slave catchers so luckily we were half way back home before they saw us and asked us what we were doing out so late at night so we just told him part of the truth that we were just visiting an old friend of ours. Once we got that settled we got back home and went to bed. The next day me and Amanda waved to Daniel as he marched off into the army.



Day 2

I just read in the newspaper that several people have been killed in the Battle of Winchester and it is not looking good. Then I started crying ,so Amanda walked up to me and gave me a hug and asked me why I was crying and I told her that I was just upset that daddy was gone so she said that it's okay and that everything will be alright. I gave her a hug and decided that I would write him a letter.

             Dear Daniel Parker,

Amanda and I miss you very much ,and we were just hoping that everything was going okay there. I read the article in the papers today about the Battle of Winchester. I started to worry if you got hurt. I hope everything is going alright there and that you and the others will make it back safe. Write me back as soon as you can.

                                                                                     ,love Emily and Amanda

Day 3

I was waiting patiently to receive the letter back because it had already been so long since I sent it. Amanda and I were walking along the river when we saw some slaves swimming towards us so we took them back to our house and warmed them up some soup.

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