Curley's Wife

All I wanted was...

to be a known actor

to have money

to have someone to talk to

to be free and away from my mom

to have someone love me back

But I didn't want was...

to be on the barn

to be married to Curley

to be isolated by the barn

a life without popularity

to be looked down upon.

Inner Life

Curley's wife left her mother when she was a about 14 years old and went into an inappropriate marriage with Curley.  She draws attention to herself and she loves having eyes on her from the boys working at the barn with her sex appeal.  Even though she gets little attention from the guys at the barn, she is still suffering because she is not getting nearly as  much attention as she wanted as she is isolated by the barn.

Interacting With Other Characters

Curley's wife interacts with Lennie multiple times flirty like he's her hero, viciously snaps at Crooks, and flirts with Slim frequently.  She is very attracted to Slim and they have been having an affair while Lennie and George were there and even before they got t0 the barn.  The one time that Curley's wife sees Crooks, she snaps at him and makes him change his mind she affected him so much.  Curley's wife sees Lennie as a normal person but he is someone she can talk to so whenever she sees him alone, she takes the opportunity she has and has a conversation with him.  How she reacts with these characters shows that she is ignorant and vain because she doesn't think about other people and how her choices will affect others and she is only concerned about her beauty.

Affecting the Plot

Curley's wife plays a big role in the plot.  The last time that she talks to Lennie, she tells him to touch her hair because it was soft and he didn't let go and ended up breaking her neck and killing her unintentionally.  Once she is dead, Lennie runs away and gets killed for killing Curley's wife and all of that happened just because she talked to Lennie.  With all of that happening, you couls say she impacts the plot tremendously.

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