By Hunter Tumanuvao

This Food Product or animal was traded during the Colombian Exchange and it was brought by the Native Americans.This food originated in India.

This food is in the protein food group on the food pyramid. This food has 213 calories per serving and to reach 2000 calories for this food item is 7 servings. This food is good and bad for you, here are some reasons, 3 reasons Beef is good for you. First, it helps build muscles. Second, you get a complete source of protein because of amino acids. Lastly, it gives you energy. 2 reasons why its bad. First, certain types of meats have hormones in them. Lastly, if eaten too much it could lead to weight gain.

I've tried this food before and it's delicious but I try not to eat too much. If you haven't tried it, try it it’s great and so is trying new foods but try not to eat too much it’s addicting!


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