Lord Capulet`s Journal

Act V, Lord Capulet, Martin Na, Period 3

What had I done bad to make the God mad enough to take all these kinds of sorrows and griefs? The..worst..thing that can ever happen..to me..have happened to me..today.. Juliet died..Was it my forcing attitude to Juliet to marry Paris the cause of this incident? I guess it is..All I wanted to do was to have Paris and Juliet stay together forever since it seemed like they loved each other..?Wait..Didn`t I assume her to love a man, not Paris? O, god. Why are you giving this kind of pains and agonies all at the same time? My beautiful, sweet daughter Juliet, rest in peace. I hope to see you again after life. I love you..

What is this..? Why was Juliet laying on the floor with Romeo? When did they marry behind both of their families, Capulets and Montagues? All are very mysterious. However, this is all what I caused. I am the trigger of death of Juliet. I was the one who tried to have Juliet and Paris to marry and never gave her a chance of going along with the Montagues. I feel sorry for Paris, who was slain by Romeo. I feel sorry for the Lord Montague also. I hope he doesn`t have any hostile emotions towards me anymore. I will follow him on TACKK, and try my best to maintain good relationships with Lord Montague. Finally, rest in peace my dear Juliet, Tybalt, Paris, and.. Romeo. Sorry for all the things I have done to trigger this whole incident. God bless you.