Where did the disease originate and how?

The Ebola virus originated in west Africa and can be traced genetically to a single introduction, perhaps a person infected by a bat. In some parts of Africa, myths that Ebola was brought to the regions by health care workers have hurt the ability of workers to respond to the outbreak. the Ebola outbreak has spread to almost all places in Africa and is making its way to the US, Liberia, Guiana, sierra leone.

how does it spread?

the Ebola virus started with just one individual getting infected and spread it to every one that came in contact with them, once the whole area got infected they spread it to another area. the Ebola virus spreads by sneezing, coughing, or saliva going on to skin or in cells. the Ebola virus can not spread through the air but it can through contact.

What does this say about the country?

this spread of disease shows that west Africa is dirty and deadly/ unsafe. it makes people not want to go there because they are scared to get infected and the spread of infection is to dangerous. it gives a view that hospitals are not smart and advanced enough to find a cure, and people infected don't know what they have.


Ebola could effect Africas  government because soon the out break will be so big it will create conflict with the spread to other countries and will create complains and decrease in population in that area, or may be powerful enough to kill many countries. as of right now this is a epidemic disease but it can easily turn into a pandemic. because of how viral the disease is it could spread to developed countries and most likely non developed countries.


ebola could makes Africa look bad, so now that every one knows people are going to stop touring and lose money. now they have less money for crops, resources, and factories/ machinery. also Ebola causes the environment  to be unsafe, dirty and unsanitary, it makes their government look like they don't care and allow the filth.


. Many West African communities have a distrust in western and modern medicine, and rely on traditional healers and witch doctors, who use herbal remedies, massage, chant, and witchcraft to cure just about any ailment. in Liberia Ebola wiped out entire families, leaving perhaps one survivor to recount stories of how, because of their culture of touch, hold, hug and kiss, they simply could not be hands off while their loved ones were sick in bed.