(Also known as the Phosphate.)

What Phosphorus do:

The main job of Phosphorus in our body is to form bones and teeth.

Examples of Phosphorus rich food:

Some examples of a Rich Phosphorus containing foods are:                                               Seeds such as pumpkins and squash, Cheese, Fish such as Salmon, Shellfish, Nuts, Pork, Beef, Nonfat Yogurt, Tofu, and Beans.

Lack of Phosphorus leads to:

Phosphorus deficiency is rare, however, people who have low levels of phosphorus are known as hypophosphatemia, due to alcoholism, vitamin D deficiency, or other medical conditions. Symptoms are: Bone pain, Muscle weakness, and Confusion.

Too much of Phosphorus leads to:

Excessive consumption of phosphorus can form deposits in soft tissues such as muscle. However, this is only the case of the people with severe kidney disease or severe dysfunction of their calcium regulation.

Other Informations:

Phosphorus also works with Vitamin B, helping Kidney to function, Muscle to contract, have normal heartbeats, and help the nerve to signal faster.

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