The Perfect Year

by: Rachel Hanafin

This is me.

hey there!

Hi there, I'm Rachel! I'm going to be telling you how awesome my 2013 was! Well first things first. I put my dream in motion. I love anime and I love to show it. So, because I have three best friends in the world, they took me to.............. ANIME EXPO! Since me and my friends are such awesome and creative people we went as our favorite anime... Black Butler. I was the coolest character ever. ha. buttttttt there were some wardrobe malfunctions so I went as a dark Hatsune Miku. She is gorgeous. I don't think I will ever forget those wonderful three days in California with my three best friends.

That batman ice cream was the most refreshing thing all day!

second day of ANIME EXPO!!!

The second day was just as exciting we were an anime called PANDORA HEARTS! it was so awesome. If you look below this, I will be the one on the far on the left. I acted like xeres break all day!

At anime expo in California. ;-)

So, after I came back from anime expo, I went to my very first concert. The band I saw was called Asking Alexandria . They were the bomb. Afterwards I met Ben Bruce and Danny Worsnop. I then got these awesome pictures. The top is of me and Ben...... and no I don't always look that bad but I was excited.

ben is below this text

Me with Ben from asking Alexandria, I love my life

When I came home I saw a wonderful picture of a girl with beautiful red and purple hair. So I asked my mom if I could get my hair dyed and since I got good grades before school ended, she let m get my hair dyed!

My New Hair!

ladies and gentleman my new hair!!!!

After I had a week to sit down and relax, my Mom and Dad took me and my brothers to Disneyland for my very first time! The picture below was taken 3 hours in the drive. I was smudged in between my two older brothers, but I still enjoyed going to California for the second time in a month! :)

small car + brothers + tall people = cramped car!

In the back of the car goin to disneyland

Before I knew it the summer was almost over. I had so much fun doing new things and reaching out of my comfort zone. So for the last two weeks my Mom and Dad sent me to Minnesota , but there was one problem, THEY COULDN'T COME! That means that I would have to go on the plane alone. I never have been on a plane alone before but, I did it and I arrived in Minnesota in the middle of a tornado warning! AHHH NOT GOOD FOR A FIRST TIMER! It was really bumpy but it was a cool experience and I got to meet the pilots on the way out. The first week in I got to see my Grandpas grave. I always wanted to meet him and now I feel like I finally did!


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