Co2 car

Nate Riddle

Date Started: 4/21/15

Define the problem: What need or want must be met by the solution?

Must have the top speed out of all the other cars being built


Research and generate ideas:Notes: With the Co2 car mass and drag is very important when it comes to the design. The shape has a lot to do with how your car will perform. The vehicle's chassis provides the structure that joins together the power, suspension, guidance and control subsystems. The chassis is designed to hold all of these subsystems while overcoming forces that could cause failure. Some of these forces include:

  1. Weight of the engine, suspension, people and cargo.
  2. Torsion or twisting forces created by the engine and drive train.
  3. Compression, tension, shear and torsion forces created by driving and road conditions (i.e. acceleration, deceleration, turns, bumps, potholes, etc.)
  4. Impact from accidents that could injure passengers.

Chassis designs vary depending on the purpose of the vehicle. There are three basic vehicle chassis designs - Ladder, Tubular Space Frame and Unibody.

Criteria and Constraints:  

Exploring possibilities: Would like to make the car almost needle like but with the constraints I can't.

selecting an approach.

Sketch 1.













Testing and evaluating the design:

Test: raced against others in the classroom. Result: Done a decent job competing.

Refining the design: I would put more weight on the front of the car so it would increase the speed.

Creating or Making it: If this was to come to a mass market production then I would make it out of a material that would last no matter how much it would be used. Put double the Co2 in it for double the speed.

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