Middle Colonies

We will fill your basket with bread!

Summers are not really hot, and winters are not really cold. So that would be perfect for little ones to run around all year long! The houses are usually nice and big with large rooms, and many bedrooms. Perfect if you have hobby's or a lot of people living with you.

Out of all the Southern and New England Colonies we have more to offer with pretty good soil for your crops! Our soil if most used for grains such as corn and wheat. Many call our region, "The Bread Basket Colony", because we provide so much wheat and corn that it makes money and even food for the people.

As you probably just saw in this video, you understand all of the work that we put into making our wheat and corn and it is not an easy task. But we never work alone! Many people are always willing to help.

Middle Colonies Map

INDUSTRY: most of the stuff we are known or provide, are all including hard work and dedication. These are some of the stuff we provide from our region;

  • Shipping
  • Cattle
  • Grains
  • Iron

Thank You for you Time!

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