Philosophical Approach

What is the authors view towards his world? Towards fate? Towards God?

Oedipus Rex

The world is controlled by the gods. The future is predetermined, and people are unable to escape their destiny. Gods are all powerful.


The world is controlled by karma. Cinderella constantly put good out, and in return got good back. The fairy god mother could have been a spirit sent by her deceased mother to watch over her.


Macbeth was unable to escape his fate in the end just like Oedipus. Fate is predetermined and unescapable. God always gets back at the wicked.

Hey John,Whats your name again?

This world is tainted from what it was meant to be. Your fate is in your hands however should be influenced by your religion. Hope the best for others and give them your time. This world will pass but our actions will follow us into the next world.

In the Wake of Pigs

The world is an untruthful place. Fate is in your own hands, but decisions should be influenced by religion. God is inside of you.


The world is full of people trying to fit in, losing themselves in the process. If you free your mind from the chains of society you'll live life to the fullest. Fate is shaped by society. When you free your mind you're closest to God,and free to live unchained. (you've reached enlightenment)

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