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Hot Perth Photographic Trends To Look Out For!

Photography is an art. It is a talent and a skill that can be acquired! Sure, some are born with the talent, while others interested can easily learn the skills and techniques from a learned teacher. There are many universities that offer diploma and certificate courses for commercial photography in Perth.

But after completing college education, the individual sets out in the world as a professional. And it becomes his sole duty to further improve and polish his skills. For this, one needs to remain constantly updated about the latest prevailing market trends. To help some of my fellow Perth photographers, I have compiled a list of some modern and bold imagery trends that can be used in the commercial markets.

  • 1. Point of View (POV) - Capturing the moment or the product from the point of the view of the capturer, or to instil in the viewer a sense of seeing the picture from his POV; this perspective is gaining popularity among the corporate world in marketing and advertising sectors.
  • 2. Personal intimacy- This trend is sure to never get old. People today due to work obligations or otherwise, do not find enough time to spend with their family members. An idea built around the close and intimate moments of being in a family, whether highlighting a couple, mother-child, siblings or joint family relations- this is a sure-shot winner.
  • 3. Vintage- The past is mysterious. There is something regarding the olden days that attracts the modern generations. Perhaps, it’s the simple and grounded ways of living or the beautiful safe surroundings; but whatever it is, it has found a unique place in many a photographer’s portfolio.
  • 4. Still life- This is mostly used for real estate and product photography in Perth. Photographers are known to capture beauty in the most unlikely places. Capturing shots of still life; food, equipment, properties, decorations; that are supposed to tempt the viewer and show them a different side of the object in the picture as they have seen before.
  • 5. Monochromatic- This is one timeless technique used still by the skilful photographers to highlight and accentuate the unique, distinct features of any person or place or object. While colours are considered the life of a picture, an expert shot in monochromatic shades displays the soul of the shot.

I hope this helped some of my fellow or future photographers out there. I would love to hear back from you. Send in your feedback through the comments or share with us some other popular and interesting photography trends you know or use in your practise.

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