Identity card

Name: Bobby.

Age: 16.

Weight: 50Kg.

High: 1.70m.

Like to eat: Hamburgers.

Hobbies: play soccer, drive, be with friends.

Doesn't like: school.


The story takes place in U.K in the begnning of the new school year.

Our story begins when all the students are excited to start study.


Bobby came back from U.S.A. with a driving licence.

Helen was all the the holiday in her uncle farm.

Lisa  starts modelin and she alredy stars in a  advertisment.

Helen were very jealous, sha want interesting life, like Lisa.

She decide to take action.

She wearing a revealing clothes, put a lot of make up and take a bus to a night club.

Helen sat next to the bar when a adult man came and offered her a drink.

Helen take a "shot" and immediatly felt dizziness.

she wake up in the street snd call to Bobby to come and take it home.

Bobby came to Helen and help her to sit next to hin in the car.

All the way back they talk and dont pay attention to the blue flash light of the police car.

Bobby forgot to take his driving  licence ant the cups took them to the police statinon.

after they served they punishment Helen came home and her brother teacher wait in her home.

The teacher talk with Lisa and her parents about accessibility the school to a disable kids like Lisa's brother.

The teacher also offered to do a competition of raising money, and the winner

Get a vacation in Paris.

Lisa, Bobby and Helen decided to organize a big party in the Leisure Center.

The party was ready. but suddenly the Leisure Center owner called and say that the roof was collapsed.


It looks like the party is canceled, all the another teams raised a lot of money.

The headmaster called to the three friends to her office.

"A woman phoned to school and offered her warehouse to yours party"

said the headmaster, "but the problem is that you need to clean the warehouse"

The kids agree to clean the warehouse and the party was a big success.

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