Centennial Break

          Centennial Break? Well, it is 3 weeks of vacation to non INC members and 3 weeks of celebration for Us, Iglesia Ni Cristo members. For me, it's a week full of serving and praising God. Even though it is full of tired and sleepless night because of rehearsals and preparation I am still thankful because out of thousands Iglesia Ni Cristo members I am one who called to serve our God by means of being a staff in Mass Comm Production Team in the Musical Presentation. I am so thankful because I was able to enter in the Philippine Arena which is known as the Largest Indoor Arena in the world. We spend a week inside the arena to rehearse for the Bayan Mo’y Nagpupuri – A Musical Presentation. Sometimes we end up rehearsing until 3 in the morning and travel back to manila for almost 30 minutes and when we got home we only have 3-4 hours of sleep and travel again back to Arena. We have our Panata for 1 week for the Centennial Celebration. Sometimes I feel so exhausted and stress because of lack of rest and sleep but I always remember that I did this because of God, I chose to serve Him and being thankful for all the blessings He gave to me and for choosing me to be a part of the 100 years celebration of the Iglesia Ni Cristo.

            From Philippine Arena Inauguration to Bayan Mo’y Nagpupuri – A Musical I am there and was able to in and out in the Arena whenever I want because I have staff access for the Centennial Celebration. I found new friends and brethrens who are so kind to me. Being part of Technical Staff from Playback department which is my first training department to Micings Department where I learned a lot of things, I am so proud because not only being part of a history but also I am one who help the Administration to have a successful and blessed celebration of the 100 years of undying love of God for us.

To God be the Glory.