Holocaust Living Conditions

The holocaust was a time when Hitler took over and him and the Nazis killed millions of innocent people known as Jews.


{When Hitler became chancellor he decided to make a "perfect society" and get rid of Jews entirely. He put them into different types of camps and eventually all the Jews would die from starvation r from being in a gas chamber which was an airtight room which would fill with poisonous gas ,killing whoever was in it. After a long time Allies formed against Germany and won ,freeing whoever was left in camps.}

The Prisoners would live in barracks made of wood or brick. There were only sixty spaces in a barrack and they were originally supposed to only house forty prisoners. Very often there would be 700 in every barrack.

These are what the barracks looked like.

The walls of the barracks were thin and had gaps at the top and bottom which let in cold air. Barracks had no windows and had skylights at the top of the roof. Prisoners had to sleep under thin blankets or rags on mattresses.

Each barrack had two stoves with a brick heating flue running between them. Fuel was not given to them. A result to this was many prisoners dying during the extreme coldness of the Polish winters.

Many people have written about the holocaust. Including Anne Frank.

The Germans hated Jews and in effect to that decided to kill them in gas chambers that were in death camps and concentration camps.

Eventually Allies formed and went against Germany , thus ending the Holocaust.


On January 30 1933 Hitler became chancellor of Germany

On May 17 1934 Jews were not allowed health insurance

On May 21 1935 Nazis banned Jews from joining military

In August 1936 Nazis set up an office combating Jews and abortion by healthy woman

October 28, 1938 Nazis arrest 17,000 Jews of Polish nationality living in Germany, then expel them back to Poland which refuses them entry, leaving them in 'No-Man's Land' near the Polish border for several months

In 1943 The number of Jews killed by SS Einsatzgruppen passes one million.

In 1945 Allied troops advance he Nazis conduct death marches of concentration camp inmates away from outlying areas.

On April 30, 1945 Americans free 33,000 inmates from concentration camps.

Compare the holocaust to genocide :

The idea of genocide has always existed throughout the world, ever since people struggled for power, wealth, and resources. Hitler took his power and superiority against certain types of people because they were different.  They wanted a "perfect society" to live in. In both the holocaust and in genocide it was a killing of the "inferior race" or opposing people. Although there are some differences between the Holocaust and genocide, in both situations, a group is looked upon as "superior" and gains more power because they possess something that is thought to be more advanced.

These are what the sixty spaces looked like in each barrack.

Due to the millions of deaths and the evilness that happen in those long years the Holocaust is still talked about to this day.


- An estimated amount of about 1.1 million children were killed during the holocaust.

- One thousand people a day would be loaded onto a train and get sent to a concentration camp or death camp.

- There were actually a number of different kinds of camps ,including concentration camps /extermination camps ,labor camps ,prisoner-of-war camps ,and transit camps.

Quiz Time!

1) What was the Holocaust?

2) What were gas chambers?

3) What young girl wrote a diary about hiding for two years?

4) What was the name of the places where they would take the Jews and make them work or kill them?

5) When the Germans took over a city in Europe, what was the place in town called where they put the Jewish people?


chancellor - head of government

Gas chamber - an airtight room that can be filled with poisonous gas as a means of execution.

Death  camp - a camp Jews were sent to

Einsatzgruppen - death squads of Nazi Germany that were responsible for mass killings