Mrs.Pie Face

By: Tyci O’Quinn

One day in a city called Platinum and the schools name was Winchester Middle School. 2 kids go to that school one kids name is Brad Douglas he is from Kansas City and Gabby Pitt is from New Jersey and they both hated their math teacher Mrs.Alto who came from New England.They remembered that they had a huge state math test coming soon none of them were excited except Mrs.Alto.

The night before field day Brad and Gabby went over to Gabby’s house and baked 2 dozen pies and had Gabby’s mother to bring them the next day. It was field day and everyone was excited people were tying their shoes,stretching,and getting ready for the race. But Brad and Gabby were ready for what was to come that afternoon.Gabby’s mother came in the car with her mini refrigerator with all of the pies in it.People would ask

“Gabby,Brad are you guys coming to the playground?”

“No we are ok we have a little plan”,said Gabby.

”You ready to throw pie”,said Gabby

“Oh yeah!”,said Brad

“We can call her Mrs.Pie Face!”.

So they sneaked into the room Mrs. Alto was in they snuck up and threw pies in her face.She ran to the bathroom and started crying about her humiliation she had been in.

The kids did not know that Mrs.Alto had been fired for the school job by the principal.The kids felt so bad once they found out about the news,

”I’m mad at Mrs.Hannah because she fired Mrs.Alto,”

said Gabby to the kids that did know about what had happened.

”I wish Mrs.Alto could stay at this school I really did like her,”said Brad.

But Brad did not know Mrs.Hannah was standing around the corner listening to the whole conversation.So the next day she wanted to forgive Mrs.Alto and become friends again and also let her stay at the school but Mrs.Alto didn’t know that she was staying still.That school day they got candy,pizza,drinks,and a lot more things for a suprise party but Mrs.Alto came into the room and packed bags to leave and then

“Surprise!!!” yelled the kids

Mrs.Alto jumped

“Oh my you guys scared me!!”said Mrs.Alto.

“We want you to stay Mrs.Alto!”said the kids.

Mrs.Alto stayed and everyone was happy and joyful but then her “replacement” came in.

“Here I am Mrs.Hannah ready for my teaching job!”said Ms.Stacy

“Sorry you need to leave because Mrs.Alto was staying with this school!!”shouted Mrs.Hannah.

Ms.Stacy threw a fit because she was broke.But in the end Mrs.Alto stayed,the math test

went amazing,and Ms.Stacy found a job as a lunch lady.

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