cheapest fifa 15 coins wearing number 7th's terrific

Eager to put on the Manchester United shirt

Argentina international di Maria in accept interview Shi claimed, does not regret left Real Madrid of decided, himself very desire can wear Shang United Jersey previously, Real Madrid coach Ancelotti claimed is due to di Maria of paid requirements, Real Madrid only was forced to sold Argentina international, di Maria currently in United of weekly for 200,000 pounds, he said: "can joined United let I was is magic, cheapest fifa 15 coins I for himself was pride, this all are hard with speech to explained, but I really of is wants to joined United, Would very much like to put on the red shirt. ”

Di Maria added: "for me, wearing number 7th's terrific, that is a lot of great players in the history of the Club selected numbers, I know what it means for United fans, 7th. I know you see me in here are very happy, so I have to take pride in the shirt, up to now, everything was very good to me. ”

Also, United will will in this weekend against leader Chelsea, di Maria said: "we has show has team can with right of method to completed task, we also needs more understanding each other, because team in the has many new aid, but we has took to the has track, I can said we will will efforts for all of champion and fighting, I came to here is to champion, help United heavy back track. ”