The Europeans during the Crusades

crusade project, Mr.Burruel, 3/26/14

Why was Jerusalem important to the Europeans?

What was the reason for the crusades on the European's point of view?

The desire to take control of Jerusalem away from Muslims. The belief that fighting in a crusade would give you forgiveness of sins. The chance to travel and make money. The desire to defend the Byzantine empire from the Turks. The opportunity for younger sons of European nobles to get new land in the Middle East. The possibility of opening up new trade routes between Europe and the Middle East.

What were the effects of the crusades on Europe? A:"The Crusades kept all Europe in a tumult for two centuries, and directly and indirectly cost Christendom several millions of lives (from 2,000,000 to 6,000,000 according to different estimates), besides incalculable expenditures in treasure and suffering. They were, moreover, attended by all the disorder, license, and crime with which war is always accompanied. On the other hand, the Holy Wars were productive indirectly of so much and lasting good that they form a most important factor in the history of the progress of civilization. The effects of the crusades influenced. The role, wealth and power of the Catholic Church,Political effects, Effects of the Crusades on Commerce,Effects of the Crusades on Feudalism,Social development, Intellectual development, Social Effects of the Crusades, Effects of the Crusades - Intellectual Development,Effects of the Crusades - Material Development, Effects of the Crusades - Voyages of Discovery" effects of the

What were Europe's perception of the other groups such as the Jews, Muslims, and the Byzantine people?

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