NCGP Product: Computer and Technical Engineering

Job Shadowing and Interviewing a Computer Technical Engineer
Creating a model of an Engine Making Process

Interview Questions

    1) How long have you been working here?

    2) How well do you like your job?

    3) What skills does this job require?

    4) Do the skills learned on this job help you do functions outside of work?

    5) How does this factoring company benefit people in day-to-day life?

    6) Why would this job be good for me?

    7) Is communication and reading skills necessary to do CTE?

    8) What career benefits do you receive in CTE?

    9) How can you advance in CTE at Cummins?

    10) Are there any other experiences that have supported you well in your career (work or non-work related)

    11) What happened at your job interview? What should I expect?

    12) What are the advancements in this career?

    13) What personal qualities or characteristics are important in this career?

    14) If you could go back in time would you choose to go down this career path again?

    15) How various are the tasks you do?

    16) What do you spend most of your time doing?

    17) If you were to leave Cummins for any reason where could your experience here lead you to?

    18) What do you like most about your job?

    19) Did you attend college?

    20) As an IT Engineer at cummins are you required to have a knowledge of the products (the engines) here?

Product Process

    1) FINDING A VOLUNTEER: find someone to job shadow

    2) CONTACT: Contact the host and line manager for permission to proceed and then set up dates and times for job shadowing.

    3) ORGANIZING: organize a video outline based on the CTE’s work and leisure time.

    4) GO OUT THERE!: Get to Cummins to start the video process.

    5) INTRODUCTION: ask information about Cummins.

    6) TOUR: upon arrival

    7) OBSERVE WORK: performing daily duties

    8) INTERVIEW: depending on his/her schedule (possibly during lunch period)



Carmen Richardson (Cummins Apprentice)

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