Digital Citizenship

Do you know how important it is to be a good digital citizen? The first thing you should know is not to give out information to anybody not even your best friend only your parents. You should also think before you post or share anything about you or someone else. You should never accept any friend request that you don't know. You also  shouldn't cyber bully anybody you know or you don't know. Don't post anything bad about someone else because you can get in trouble. Some bullies bully to make them feel better about themselves and a lot of them think they're safe hidden behind the screen. Don't give out personal information like your phone number, your name, address, pictures, email address, and even your school name. Don't tell anybody your password expect your parents. Keep some stuff on private so only friends can see, don't let anybody know your username and password because they can put bad stuff in it. Save the messages, pictures, text, and then tell an adult or report it. Now you know how important it is to be a digital citizen.

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