Miami, Florida

Hot, nice, and perfect for you.

This is the city of Miami. It is one of the most visited cities on summer. You can enjoy the amazing beach everyday and then go to the amazing malls it has! Miami is perfect for everybody.

This is the Fountainebleu Hotel. The 5 star hotel is expensive but totally worth a try. You feel as if you are in paradise. If you don't want to go out, you can relax at the Fountainebleu pool. It is a total dream!

Miami's weather is pretty warm, but when it comes to winter, it can get really cold. During summertime, i don't suggest you wearing pants, because you are going to melt! By July, the temperature is extremely high. It can go to 40 degrees Celsius! So now you know, Miami is the place to go in the summer.

The beach in Miami city is all it really has. The beaches are incredibely pretty and the water us heaven. There is from public beaches that have a lot of activities to calm and relaxing private beaches that have a lot of space to tan. It is really a paradise from babies to adults!

Out of the various malls of Miami, there's the Dolphin Mall. There is also the Aventura Mall and much more. Other then the beaches in Miami, the malls are the other sensations. It has all the stores and restaurants you can think! Other than games, there is a theater in the Aventura mall. It is great.

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