Technology Professional Development

Wednesday, April 29th, is technology professional development day at Holy Angels School computer lab, 720 Kensington Place Aurora, IL 60506. The joint faculties of Aurora University, and the partnership K-8 school, Holy Angels Catholic School will be served with three demonstrations/workshops as they learn to use Tackk, as a visual blog and classroom newspaper platform, Popplet, as a visual graphic organizer for students and teachers, and EDpuzzle, a video editor to embed questions related to content.

Digital Learning Day is here!

Digital Learning Day

Holy Angels and Aurora University
Sponsor TECH Workshops
for Aurora Deanery Schools

Today, March 13, is Digital Learning Day 2015 and thousands of teachers, principals, entire districts, and states planning events to inspire the effective use of technology in schools. We are over 1200 celebrations and counting. 

Aurora Activity See how Aurora University Technology 4 Teachers students and the Aurora Deanery have partnered to celebrate. interactive map and then see what others in our area are doing on the interactive map. 

March 13, Aurora University tech4teachers are presenting multiple hands-on workshops for the Aurora Deanery as part of a professional learning opportunity. A demonstration of Class Dojo will be led by Lauren and Eli.  Using Prezi as an alternate classroom platform for teachers and students will be led by Laraine and Sharon. Plickers and Todaysmeet will be facilitated by Michaela and Peyton, while Google Forms and Slides will be offered by Rachel and Julie.

Digital Learning Day 2

Aurora University students will be in Holy Angels classrooms today to celebrate DLD. As part of the ongoing mission and focus AU pre-service teachers have been invited into elementary and middle school classrooms to prepare and facilitate student learning (and support classroom teacher use of) using iPad apps and technology such as Quizizz.  These opportunities are initiate "days of discovery and sharing" as the AU students will present classroom technology at the ICE (Illinois Computing Educators) conference in less than two weeks, as well as continue to focus on El/MS students in Holy Angels school for the next 10 weeks. Happy DLD!   

And, in 2016 students at ICE again

The AU student "teachers" did teach and they also had fun playing with and learning about classroom technology they will be using in their own classrooms in short time. Presentations on edu BUNCEE and use of apps to collect/analyze understanding were well done and well received!

And then again at ACI

where the students interested the attendees by demonstrating and creating edu BUNCEE accounts and educational Buncees, as well as Green Screening using Veescope and teleprompter dvPrompter