Classroom Game

- What groups were involved and who has the power?

There was the Government, Guerillas, Army and Wealthy, Americans and the Peasants. The group with the most power in the beginning of the game was the army and wealthy.

- How did the power shift throughout the game?

The power shifted throughout the game because in the beginning, the army and wealthy had the most power and in the end, the United States had the most power. The Guerillas lost their power and so didn't the government and the wealthy. The United States came out on top because they took over Guatemala and took down the present groups.

- How was conflict and cooperation shown in this game?

Conflict and cooperation was shown in this game because in the beginning of the game, the army and wealthy fought with the Guerillas. Many of the groups signed treaties with the United States and then they went against the treaties and did their own thing. They took down all of the groups and gained all of their power. There was more conflict in this game than cooperation thanks to the United States.

- What role did the US have on the simulation?

The US had a superior role in this simulation from the beginning. Even though they weren't as powerful they still could of down whatever they wanted to. The US had a "big brother" role too because they always did whatever they wanted to do and kept  everything under control.

- What happens to a country when power shifts, is the effect positive or negative?

When the power of a country rises, it's a good thing. They get more powerful and get more money. When the power of a country goes down, it's a bad thing because they lose their power and money.

- What relationships do you have in your life, how are cooperation and conflict evident?

A relationship in my life that cooperation and conflict is evident is my relationship between me and my parents. There is a lot of conflict between us but we get rid of it with cooperation. When my parents say no, it's an example of confliction. When my parents tell me to clean my room in order to get something that I want instead of just saying no, its an example of cooperation.

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