The Armenian Genocide

The Armenian genocide happened 100 years ago and America still does not consider it a genocide. The Armenians were tortured, beaten, killed, taken out of their houses, starved. There's no other way to describe the way the Armenians were treated other than saying it was a genocide. The Turks tried to deny that it was genocide, but the Turks killed 1.5 million people over religion, and they still have the strength to say it wasn't a genocide.

Map of the country, Armenia

In April 1915, Turkey started to invade Armenia and take over the land and the people. The Ottoman Empire, the leaders of Turkey at the time went into Armenia to take power and be leaders of Armenia. They wanted more land and power. The Ottomon Empire also thought that the Armenians were too threatening and they would ruin what they were trying to do. The Empire controlled southeast Europe, north Africa, and almost all of the Middle East.

Picture of all the land the Ottomon Empire controlled

Leaders of the Genocide

The first leader of the Ottoman empire was Turkish Sultan Abdul Hamid II but then was overthrown by the group of reformers called Young Turks. Sultan Abdul Hamid II treated the Armenians very poorly so when he was overthrown, the Armenians had hope that they would live and get out of this awful life they were living in. They soon found out that when the Young Turks were the leaders, they weren't much better than Sultan Abdul Hamid II.

Picture of the first leader, Sultan Abdul Hamid II

Picture of second leader, the Young Turks

The Invasion

When the Turkish Armies invaded Armenia, they divided the Armenians and the Turks. Most Armenians living in Armenia were Christian and had Christian beliefs. The Turks were Muslim. Right away Christians didn't have as many rights as Muslims. Christians had to pay higher taxes, had to pay more money for food, for clothes. They also had less political and legal rights. People didn't want to stand up to the Empire because of what they were doing to the Armenians because they would be killed even if they were Turkish. The Ottoman Empire wanted to make a perfect country so anyone that didn't like or agree what the Turks were saying, would be killed or would suddenly "disappear".

Picture of Armenians being hung and killed


Before the Turks invaded, there were around two million Armenians living in Armenia. When the genocide ended there was less than 400,000. That means that around 1.5 million Armenians died in this genocide. People were arrested and executed immediately after the Turks invaded. 75% of the people were taken from their homes forced to strip naked, and walk through the Mesopotamian desert until they didn't have anymore energy because they didn't feed them or give them water, so they fell to the ground dead. Women were raped and used as slaves. The Ottoman Empire let the Turks treat the Armenian people however they want. The Turks treated the Armenians like animals. They didn't care about the people, all they wanted was land and power.

Picture of Armenians being forced to march through the Mesapotomian desert.


When the genocide started to end, then came the denial. The Ottoman Empire had lots of reasons why so many Armenian people died so that it didn't look like it was their fault. Their first lie was that it was during World War I so lots of people died from that reason. They stated that people had participated or that the war had gone into Armenia and had killed lots of people. The Ottoman Empire has also tried to get rid of all the evidence of the genocide and has taken it out of their academics so new generations won't even know it existed. Schools don't mention the genocide at all.

America is an allie with Turkey so they had denied it for a very long time, but five years ago, America had finally admitted that it was genocide.


When people try to take this out of children's academics and try to deny that this wasn't a genocide, it doesn't help anyone. Everyone needs to know that this cannot happen again. There's no reason that we should kill millions of human beings and have them and their family members suffer.

Everyone needs to remember, because no one should be treated that way, no one should feel scared because they have a different religion, no one should be scared that someone will take over their country and kill their neighbors, relatives, and friends. People need to stop trying to ignore that these things happened in the world because it did happen. We can't go back and fix it but we can learn from it and not let it happen again.



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