1. The scientific name for a meerkat is Suricata suricatta.

How long do they live.

The meerkats live to about 12 to 14 year old.


Their height is 12 inches or 30 centimeters. And their tail is 8 inches or 20 centimeters it is used for balancing the meerkats in an upright position.

Primary predators

The primary predators of the meerkats is: martial Eagles and Jackals.

M.A.D theory

The Jackels would find a tree and adapt in the tree.

An mouse deer would move some where else.

And the beetle would die.

Where do they live

They live in the Southern Africa/Kalahari Desert.


There diet is: scorpions, beetles, spiders, centipedes, millipedes, worms, crickets, small mammals, small reptiles, birds, eggs, tubers and roots.

The animals and the plants that live in the  ecosystem of the meerkats.

Fun facts

Did you know that when a colony gets overcrowded the meerkats start dispersing and form smaller groups to make sure that there is enough food for every meerkat. The meerkats form a "gang" that has about 20 meerkats to 50 meerkats.

Character traits

They are extremely fast. And the meerkats are sandy to light brown witch make them great hiders and they blend in to their surroundings. The meerkats are bright-eyed and slender-tailed witch makes them stand upstright.

The Kalahari supports more animals and plants than a true desert.the Kalahari has vast areas covered by red sand without any permanent surface water.Despite its aridity, the Kalahari supports a variety of flora. The native flora includes acacia trees and many other herbs and grasses.

Survive in South Africa.

How the meerkats survive in south Africa they have a special call that's says that predators are around so everybody can get in a hole and safe. Also their have thin hair because it is really hot in the is desert. They try to drink water when they can find it but they mostly get moisture from the juicy bugs that they eat.

South Africa

South Africa is very hot and dry there is a lot of trees and plants so the animals can hide or if it is very hot they can get some shade. There is a lot of people there. So the animals run from them so they don't get hurt. On average the temperature is in summer is 77 degrees. During the winter the high temperature can be as low as 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Rapid process

If there was a sandstorm meerkats would make sure every meerkat is in the hole or den and they would close it up and hide till the sandstorm was done.


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