Cyber Security Report

Samantha Lee, 4/25/14, Period 6


        Cyber security is an information technology security that focuses on protecting computers, networks, programs, and data from unintended or unauthorized access or change. Cyber security strategies include identity management, risk management, and incident management. Cyber security is useful when governments, the military, corporations, hospitals, financial institutions, and business collect and store much data and confidential information on computers, and transmit the data across networks to other computers. Because the cyber-attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated and complicated, cyber security is extremely important. It is so important, that the U.S. federal government has given over 13 billion dollars annually to cyber security, since 2010.

      A cyber security professional plans and implements security measures on all information systems and networks. Typically, the duties of these professional include establishing network security policies and procedures, regulating access to information and training staff how to use information systems properly. Cyber security professionals often monitor systems for gaps, design effective solutions and provide reports to management and executive staff. They also run risk assessments, test data processing systems, and design firewalls. A cyber security professional must also deal with passwords. Passwords are one of the most basic security measures. A computer security professional is expected to submit reports often.

      The first trait, which is being a gadget addict, is important because the job requires hours of working with networks, computers, and other gadgets. It would make the job easier and more enjoyable. The second trait of being a problem solver is important because it helps the professional solve complicated code and viruses. Having the enjoyment of saving the day is important because after the virus is destroyed, the user will be safe, and the professional will be a hero. When the situation become complicated, such as multiple viruses, it is important not to be overwhelmed. This trait will help when a professional has a lot to do and cannot be stressed. Having a wild imagination comes in handy when the professional must imagine like a criminal to inactivate the virus. Being a good listener is a trait that comes in handy when a professional has to remember an important conversation and advice. The seventh trait of being able to multitask is important because when the professional must edit several programs at once, he or she must be able to remember which code to place in which program. Being a team player is important because to fix or protect data the professional often has to work in groups. Possessing the trait of being a fast learner is important because the professional has to learn new methods quickly for new types of viruses. Paying attention to detail is also a very important trait because details can be a flaw in the hackers plan. I believe I am suited to be in this field because have a wild imagination, I am a team player, and I am a good listener. I enjoy working with gadgets and hope to help people in the future.


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