Population Growth of Kenya

Current Population Trends

The Kenyan Population is continuing to increase at annual rate of 2.69% which is more than 3 times greater than the U.S. rate.

Population Problems & Control

Kenya still faces an issue on poor family planning. To solve this implementing programs that institute better family planning or provide contraceptives for women and families in a variety of areas could be helpful for families and the increasing population.

Demography Statistics

73% of Kenya's population is under age 30, so if its population continues to increase at such a fast rate it won't be able to accommodate all the young people entering in the job market. Also an massive increase to the population too early could limit the amount of resources avaiable in the country since it's population density is 78 people per square kilometer, double that of the U.S.

How it Could Affect the U.S.

An increased population of workers can be impactful to other countries that trade manufactured goods from Kenya due to its programs to become a further developed country similar to the U.S. by 2030, meaning generating better tradable goods for other developed countries gain from.

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