Fatality Rate is Falling in West Africa Ebola Clinics

Lately in West Africa the deaths from the Ebola virus have went down from 62% to 52%. Even though there is definitely nothing to complain about for it decreasing, scientists and doctors are confused about the situation. They have no idea why the death rates have been going down. They have two possible reasons and they are that either people have been protecting themselves by wearing gloves when burying the dead or when they have been taking care of the ill, or that the people that are getting infected are getting infected with less of the virus. The amount of the virus a person is infected in could be the difference between life or death. The doctors are also taking into consideration that is possible that the virus has mutated to become less fatal, but there is no genetic evidence.

The thing that effects us the most is knowing that there are people across the world, that we can't help, are dying. We and other countries are doing everything they can to help find cures and vaccinations for Ebola victims before it's to late for them. The impact on us is incredible. Not only have some Americans gotten the virus but they haven't been able to stop the deaths in West Africa. Luckily the death rates have went down but still not 100%.

The only thing I see wrong with this article is that they didn't figure out why the death rate was going down before publishing the article. I think that they should have done the research and went and found out exactly why the fatality rate was dropping. If they would have told me why I would know exactly how people were staying healthier and that way if the Ebola virus ever broke out in America I would know how to keep myself protected and less likely to catch the infection. I would like to figure out how it is going down. Hopefully soon they will give an updated article with answers.

By Donald G. McNeil Jr.

Fatality Rate Is Falling in West African Ebola Clinics

New York Times, February 26, 2015