Agents of Socialization

Lauren Payne


Family has socialized me in a vast amount of ways. They've taught me more about myself and about how you're supposed to act around others. They've taught me manners, like how to eat at the table. How to say please and thank you to the right people at the right time. When I do something for someone, I think back to my parents and say to myself, "What would my parents do". They're constantly helping me shape my future without even knowing. They've showed me the ways to act in public, and how to be my own person. They've shaped me to be the person I am by everything they do.


School has definitely been a huge part of my life. I go to school on a daily basis and have learned to love it. It has given me the opportunity to learn these social skills you need on a day to day agenda. When I'm at school, I'm constantly problem solving. I continuously help people in need by the clubs I'm in and the services I do. I stay organized and keep a calendar for my daily schedule. I learn responsibility in school, and without that responsibility, My life would be a jumbled mess of unfinished work piling up. School has definitely taught me management skills and how to be proactive.  

Peer Groups

My peers, teammates, and coaches have built me into the girl I am today. Through all we have been through, I have become the strongest person i could be. They've taught me that always lending a hand and reaching out to people, even if you may not know them, is always worth the risk. They've taught me that in hard times you need to persevere to get in tact with my goals. My team has never let me down and I can say this is one of the hardest seasons I've ever been through but having them right there with me made it a little easier. My best friends have been nothing but support. Guiding me in the way of the Lord and keeping me on the right track. I have definitely changed for the better since last summer and I know it was with the help of them. My coaches, last but never least, have taught me that never giving up will always be a big component in reaching my goals.   

Mass Media

When i think of mass media, I think of movies and magazines. Many magazines play a big part in my day, whether it is good or bad. Seeing really thin and tiny girls make me really self conscious about myself. But on the other hand, seeing stories about peoples happiness and happy times in other peoples lives, give me a boost of happiness and energy that I take and feel the need to do something great. Magazines of all sort teach me that happiness isn't all about what others have, or about materials it all. When I listen to the radio, it calms me down and lets me relax. It teaches me that music is the fix to all problems. Social media is something that teaches me a whole new of thinking and teaches me about what other people think and do. It's safe to say that social media has ruined my generation and how our way of life will forever be. Stop and think about what is surrounding you and instead of taking a picture or tweeting about it, look and enjoy.

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