Proud To Be...

#1. What did you see?

Native Americans..girls, boy, teens, children, old photos, white men..

#2. What are some of the words that they used to describe the people in the video?

"Mother" "unyielding" "strong" "Blackfoot" "patriots" "survived" "son" "daughter" "chief" "poablo" "crow" "underserved" "Squanto" "crazy horse" "teacher" "doctors" "indomitable"

#3. What is the message that the video is trying to convey?

The message this video is trying to convey is that native Americans are called many things but not "Redskins"

#4. How do you feel about the message?

I don't feel anything in particular about the message in this video.. But I guess it is different for the Native Americans. For me if I was to be called a "Nigger" by somebody I didn't know, I would be terribly offended.. Especially if it was being used as a Logo.

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3 years ago

Great thoughts. You make a good point in your last answer.