"Word hard play hard"

Wiz Khalifa

I believe

I believe in patience paying off ,

the hard work showing,

the passion for the game,

the know how,

the energy and drive to get better,

grit, determination ,success ,

But not accepting failure as an option.

I believe in the time you put in you get back,

I believe in just knowing what you have accomplish is great,

I believe in willingness to do will help your success,

Learning , greatness , legendary,

I believe I can do any thing with God if I really want to accomplish it and have the willing to do what it takes to get there.

Words of choice

They way I got my credo is because of a song I heard and this was a true statement. Work hard play hard. This is one of my strong beliefs because no one will every give something to you.

My credo is work hard play hard because if you always do your best you going to do good at that most of the time. They way I form this is because I had to learn I had to put in the time and energy in sports to be good it is not just going to come natural. He from a song but it was true. No I did not come up with this on my own.

This belief is important so I want to work and get better that way I know what I get back is what I earned. Sticking with this belief is important because so I will always do my best because nothing is never given to you.

I might change my credo as I get older because my experience is going to change. This will help me now and show how I am going to be. If I get injured in sports I might not want to play and work hard any more. It will help me want to do the best in every thing.

My credo goes to me because I am one of the smallest so I have to work the hardest in basketball. Yes because if every one work hard at every thing they do the world would be better. These words help me to under stand my credo.

By: Cameron Hampton

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