May the Force be with you

360 degree rotating plane shooting game!

Easy control and unique game method!

The hero who was left alone during the space trip!

You should explode the approaching enemy planes by changing the direction of the 360 degree rotating plane!

● Various hero planes.

Collect various planes by the gold you obtain after exploding enemy planes.

kinds of planes including the Starwars character-like planes are added continually.

● Interesting showdown with the boss

Defeat the transforming boss who appears during the game!

If you defeat new bosses, you obtain more gold and receive the additional gold at the end of game.

But stronger enemy planes appear after that.

Kinds of bosses are added continually.

● Level up the plane's stats.

Level up the power stats and speed stats by the obtained gold!

If you level up the stats, you can defeat enemies more easily.

This game is in commemoration of Starwars Day.

May the Force be with you!

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