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1-Who are they?

TECHO is an organization operating in Latin America and the Caribbean.

2- What problem are they worried about?

They are worried about the poverty.

3- Who do they help?

They help thousands of people who lives in poverty situation in slums.

4- What do they do?

They go to work in the slums with the people who lives there, they build a small house and they teach differents professions.

5- How long have they done it?

They have done it since 1997. The organization started to work in Chile.

6- How many people have they helped?

Only in Argentina they helped 89.500 families.

7- What are the most important things they have done?

8- Where do they get money from?

They get money through various alliances with companies, international cooperation, individuals who contribute through membership plan, and the realization of different collection campaigns and events.

9- What can people do to help them achieve their aim??

The people can help registering in the website of your country like a volunteer or people can become a member and provide an amount of money on the website in the "Make a Donation" link. The web page of this organization is

This people need you!!! Come and help us

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